GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Megaserver = Megaloot

by manylaughs on April 28, 2014


The April 2014 Feature Pack, introduced on April 15th, brought an amazing number of changes to the Guild Wars 2. This is basically Guild Wars 2.5, now. If you played the game in the beginning and left, you’d have to relearn significant aspects of the game. Almost all these changes have been very good and seem to help the game, at least as far as I can tell, so far.

One change that affects your gold total is the introduction of the Megaserver System. The Megaserver System groups all the servers, together, parsing your character into zones with players from other servers. This has the effect of making zones that were once empty on the low population servers viable, again.

Why does this affect your gold total? Because suddenly Orr is functional, again. All those events in Orr, such as the temple events, can now be done because there are enough players to do the events. In fact, there are plenty of players. And, pertaining to your gold total, these events in Orr are loot fests. There are tons of mobs and champs and bosses. That means lots of sweet, sweet loot for you.

*One bad thing about Megaserver, though: all the jumping puzzles are suddenly crowded.

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