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What makes a photo interesting?

Let’s start with saying, I’m still learning. I have some ideas about what makes a photo interesting, though, and if you do some reading you’ll find I’m not saying much that others haven’t said. Mostly, I’m here to talk about photography and art, in general, and my photos in particular. I just hope you like what I’m doing and find it informative.

I’ll try to keep these discussions brief; that way I’ll be sure to write them more often.

This is a simple photo of a blackeyed* Susan. Search for blackeyed Susan and you’ll get lots and lots of flower photos. And in the vast majority of them, the flower is plainly and completely visible. I think the photo I’ve taken, is more interesting (Yes, I guess that’s immodest. Sorry.) because I’ve intentionally framed it differently. In this case, the petals aren’t entirely presented in the frame. I think that draws the eyes to the edges and corners of the photo’s frame. In addition to that, I’ve positioned the flower’s black center over to the left third of the frame.

One simple goal when I take a photo is this: Try to do something interesting with it.

I hope I succeed and you find what I’m doing interesting.

*Blackeyed, black eyed, or black-eyed? I used the USDA as my reference for the spelling. They use blackeyed.


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