Portraiture: The slope of a dog’s nose

It’s a sad statement: I have so few decent portraits of people I’m closing out my portraiture week with a picture Kirk, my dog.

This is an extreme close-up of my dog. He was more or less okay with it, but he did move a little. That’s why the focus is off just a bit. Unlike most of the humans in my life, he’s mostly okay when I shove a camera in his face.

The friends and family I know are still a little fussy about having their photo taken and taking an extreme focus like this, definitely would not fly. The sunglasses photo from the Montreal cafe is a cropped photo. It would have been best to have the camera right on top of the subject. I like doing that sort of thing and would like to try it more, but I need willing subjects.

Those willing subjects are probably not members of my immediate circle. I want to work more with people–a lot more, in fact–so I’m looking for photography clubs and I’m starting a Patreon account so I can occasionally hire models. That would be awesome.

In the meantime, I always have Kirk. He’s always willing; just not a good poser.


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