Nature: Mushroom by ball fields

Behind my house it a park and some ball fields. This year it’s rain a ton and there are mushrooms everywhere. I think mushrooms are cool (And tasty, too, but I don’t eat wild ones). There’s just something fun about coming out one day and see this domed structure that’s popped up out of the ground overnight.

So this week, I thought I’d post some of my mushroom photos (Yes, I have lots.). When I take a photo like this, I try to present the mushrooms in a more interesting way. That often means, I had to get down on the ground. Passerbys probably thought I was a bit odd, but it’s all for art, right?

This is a solitary mushroom I found near the ball fields.  To make this photo a little more interesting, I shot the mushroom with some grass in the foreground, then I framed it a little off center.

I think my Olympus lens takes very nice macro shots: There’s some nice bokeh in this image. Hope you like it.



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