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Nature: The green growth

Topic: There are photos all around you waiting to be discovered.

If you ever see me out taking photos, you’ll probably wonder what I’m taking a photo of. Often, there’s nothing there to see, especially when I’m out in the park. It’s just trees and plants and the usual stuff you pass on the trail, every day.

And that’s the thing about photography. I sort of alluded to it, yesterday: There’s always a photo nearby. Sometimes you just have to look for it.

So sometimes I take the camera and just look at things, seeing if I see something with the camera. And sometimes I take random photos to see how they’ll look when I look at them later.

This is just a shot of a young tree (At least I think it’s a tree. Dammit, Jim. I’m a photographer, not a botanist.). If you had seen it in the woods, you wouldn’t have thought it was anything special. But I love this photo. I love the bit of the leaves or grass lost in the blur, and the bokeh in the background, and the leaves coming in from the right side of the frame.

The photo was post-process just a little to heighten the greens and darken the background. Otherwise, it’s as shot.


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