Transitions: 19th Street Alley (color)

I love passageway, alleys, doorways, arches or anything that divides and/or connects one place to another. At the most basic level, they divide on space from another (I think architects call them transitional elements, but that just might be my mind making stuff up.), but at a more psychological level they represent change. Whether it’s good or bad, moving from one place to another symbolizing change.

I expect these elements will become a reoccurring theme in my work.

This photo is another from a series I took when I was downtown for dinner. This is the same alley taken on the same night as this black and white I posted a while back. I like them both, but you can see how having a person in the shot changes the photo–by actually moving through the alley he actually reinforces the sense of transition.

At least in my mind. : )


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