Portrait: Light leak

All my photos this week will have a portrait orientation. That just means it’s longer vertically than horizontally. And, just in case you don’t know, if your image is longer horizontally it’s considered to have a landscape orientation. These terms probably go back to the dawning of the age of photography, but maybe beyond.

Some photos are going to be better in portrait than landscape; the difference can be striking. As an example, today’s photo, Light leak. In my opinion, the light cutting across the floor is more powerful in the portrait image.

You can see an example of this image in landscape on my instagram account, which I just started using. Unfortunately, instagram does seem to care or know that artists might want to show their images in a pronounced portrait mode: It only allows certain aspect ratio and 9:16 isn’t one of them.

So far, I haven’t found a way around this, so I’m mostly just posting landscape oriented images to instagram.


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