Random: Three crows

Birds are everywhere and if you live anywhere the DC suburbs, crows seem to be everywhere. So pictures of crows are to be had in abundance… too much abundance. For me, it’s a bit like taking photos of squirrels or deer–I find them a bit boring.

Yet, I still take photos of them, hoping for something different, but crows don’t always fly to my whim. In fact, that’s pretty much what they do–fly. They’re horrible models, never listening to a single word I say. If you take photos of crows, you’ll almost certainly end up with an image similar to Three crows. But it’s likely to be a bit dull, just because it’s a pretty common capture.

And that’s the thing: taking pictures of crows or squirrels or deer, and you’ll likely to end up with something you’ve seen a thousand times. So I try to change things up in Lightroom, create something more interesting from the mundane.

With Three crows, I took a common crow photo and changed it into something less common by increasing the highlighting and contrast, and favoring certain colors over others. The final result looks a bit ominous to me.



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