Colors: Red, deck umbrella

Topic: Post-processing

This is just a simple photo of the umbrella on my deck. I like the redness of it. I particularly like the redness of it against the greenery of the woods behind it.

Continuing this week’s theme, I’ve used a Lightroom preset I created to enhance the reds and mute other colors. This is a bit like those photos you see where they’re all black and white except one color stands out, usually red. In this case, I made the reds more vibrant and stepped down the intensity of other colors.

The umbrella already stood out against the trees because the focus was on the umbrella and the trees were out of focus, lost in the bokeh. This preset just gives emphasizes that, giving the red a little more oomph, bringing the umbrella a little more to the foreground.

Note: I’m not sure I’ll have a topic every week. Sometimes I’ll probably just show photos and talk about them. But it’s good to have a theme, so I’ll try to topics when it makes sense.


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